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Getting started with Lean up with Lewis is so simple.


Firstly, you'll complete a client questionnaire which will give me all the information I need to design your fitness and nutrition plan. 


From here I’ll calculate the correct calorie and macronutrient target for you in order for you to reach your personal goals and design a weekly nutrition plan for you to follow. 


The meals are really simple and straightforward to follow and all come with handy recipe cards. The weekly meal plan stays the same for a four week cycle and will refresh every four weeks that you continue to work alongside me.


The fitness plan can be designed for home workouts, gym based sessions or even a combination of both. You don’t even have to have a fancy gym set up; I’ll work with what you’ve got and make suggestions or recommendations along the way. 


Many people underestimate how much you can achieve with zero equipment; for the first 12 weeks of my postpartum journey all I had was a glute band and a matt which was all I needed to achieve my goals.

So the first step in getting started is for you to make payment for your plan and complete the client questionnaire. Once I’ve received both of these I will begin to work on your programme and have it to you within 24-48hrs of payment. 


I'm really excited to support you in reaching your goals, if you have any further questions then please drop me a message!


Thanks, Alex

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