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Check out just a few of the amazing results and testimonials from my clients show below. 

I feel so lucky to work with such incredible clients and the most rewarding part of all is watching them grow during their journey with me. 

It's not always about the physical transformation. Whilst each and every one of these journeys are inspiring, for me its seeing their personal growth, the changes in their mental wellbeing and celebrating those PR's during their training sessions. 

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After having my two children and becoming a busy mum I lost my way with making healthy food choices and keeping myself in shape. Suddenly ten years later I had gone from 10.5 stone to nearly 14 stone. I was unhappy with my appearance, lacked confidence and dreaded social events. My husband realised I needed help and found Lean up with Lewis on line which is where my journey began …


The nutrition plan was really easy to follow and included a shopping list and recipe cards. Information on amounts, calories, carbs, proteins and fats was all listed along with a personal daily total target.  The nutrition plan soon became routine and I was able to save money on my shopping bill and reduce waste.


The exercise plans were clearly explained with links to a video with helpful tips throughout so I was able to perform them correctly without the worry of injury.


After the first month I had lost half a stone, felt fitter, firmer and had bags more energy. Each month I would receive an updated exercise and nutrition plan. The amazing meals just kept on coming and the workouts always challenged me but just enough so that they were still really good fun.


Suddenly I can shop for size 12/10 clothes rather than 16/18 and I’ve had so many positive comments on my transformation.


I would highly recommend Lean up with Lewis to anyone needing help and guidance achieving their exercise and nutrition goals. They are a great team and have been fully supportive and encouraging throughout my journey and I’m so grateful to them both

Today I reached the end of my 12 week plan with Lean up with Lewis. I first heard about them through Facebook, and being someone who was already active and considered myself to eat relatively healthy I thought it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference to me, how wrong I was!


I decided to sign up for the 12 week plan so I could educate myself about meals and workouts and try and get my confidence back, and I’ve achieved that and more.  I have exceeded the goal I set out to achieve which was to lose 15lbs, but that now seems insignificant compared to the other benefits which I have felt along the way. I have built up muscle, my skin is much clearer, my fitness has improved massively, and mainly my mindset has changed, to name just a few. 

The workouts are fun, easy to fit in and a good challenge . The meals are filling, delicious and I never once felt hungry which then gave me plenty of energy to push myself further. 

I can genuinely say that to me this has been more than a 12 week transformation, it has in fact changed my lifestyle and as a result I have continued to work with Alex to see what more I can learn and achieve. 

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Since having my daughter in January I was feeling really down about the weight I had gained and was continuing to gain. 

I had no idea where to start to try and get back to a happy place with my body. 

I found Alex on Instagram and reached out to see if she could help me. 

Now I’m almost 6 weeks in to my nutrition and fitness plan I am over the moon with my results already! 

The meals are delicious and I never feel hungry or unfulfilled. 

I love the workouts, the ‘how to’ videos are soo helpful and Alex is always a quick text away if I ever need anything! 

Excited to see the progress I can make over the final 6 weeks of my 12 week programme

To think in 12 months I have lost 4 stone is crazy! I never thought that those words would come out of my mouth ... EVER. 

I thought I was always going to be this size, this unhealthy. 

Nothing I was doing was shifting the weight! 


Then I simply starting eating, (and enjoying) nutritious foods and exercising for 30mins 2-3 times a week but most importantly I was determined to be healthier, and the results soon come flying in. 


Loosing this weight has yes made a difference to how I look, and I am a lot happier with that now; but more importantly it’s made a difference to my health and has been life changing!

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Previous diets gave me instant weight loss but weren't sustainable. 

I had an unhealthy relationship with food. 

I found Lean up with Lewis and it's the best decision I have made, helping me with my weight loss and getting a better relationship with food. 

All the meals are delicious and I'm always full at the end of the day, not wanting to raid the fridge at midnight. 

I'm getting more confident with myself and feeling much healthier. 

Thank you for everything

I originally contacted Alex to set me an exercise plan because I thought I knew how to manage my diet (and I couldnt have been more wrong). 


I haven’t had the best relationship with food and have spent years yoyo dieting and trying every diet under the sun. I would always crash diet and stick to it for a month or two and loose a lot of weight and quickly regain it. 


This plan is honestly the best thing i have ever done. I never thought I would loose as much weight as I have and for the first time I dont feel like im on a diet! 


Starting with a set meal plan taught me how to manage my food and i have learnt how much i can actually eat and still loose weight. 


It really has changed my mindset and this is not a diet but a lifestyle now. 


Alex has been amazing, really approachable and supportive and always on hand to answer any questions.

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I have regularly trained and lifted weights for a few years but I have never been able to hit my PB’s the way I can through following this fitness & nutrition plan!

I always feel properly fuelled for my workouts and my muscles are LOVING the extra protein!

The difference in how I look and feel in just 8 weeks is amazing - I can’t wait keep it going and see how far it takes me

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You may notice that all my client transformation photos feature a before and 'ongoing' vs a before and after. 


I truly believe that your journey should never have an end because you're a project that deserves to be worked on each and every day.


No transformation is ever linear, there are always going to be bumps in the road as life naturally throws us challenges from time to time. However its important to remain on that journey and to find the dedication to keep moving towards your goals and never giving up.


 Head over to my instagram page @leanupwithlewis to find even more inspiring transformations and feedback from my amazing clients.

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