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Lean Up HQ is my private gym studio which is based at our home in Rumney, Cardiff. 

Chatting to my online clients, it amazed me that so many of them felt apprehensive about working out in a public space and felt intimidated to lift weights in a gym environment, particularly if they were new to strength training.

That's what gave me the idea to expand and build this safe space for me to support and guide my clients in growing their confidence and building their technique.

After every 1:1 session I'll send you the details of the exercises you performed along with notes around the weights we used and where we could improve or progress.

I also now over virtual 1:1 training sessions via zoom which last 45 minutes and are designed around the equipment you have at home (or can be bodyweight exercises if you don't have access to equipment) and your personal goals.


free weights

I have a huge variety of strength training equipment with dumbbells ranging from 1kg right up to 30kg. I've also got an olympic barbell and plates again ranging from 3kg right up to 130kg.

Whatever your strength goal and capability, I've got something to suit you!


I offer the option to take away a post workout coffee for clients in your very own lean up take away cup! I also offer bottled water and a protein shake for clients on the Lean Up Fully Loaded Package 



I like to keep things fun and exciting for my sessions and will include functional equipment when putting together circuits such as battle ropes, slam balls, plates, jump ropes and kettlebells


We'll also work with just your bodyweight too as there are so many exercises that require zero equipment and produce fantastic results

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